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Chongling, taken from " The Orchid Pavilion ", "Chongshan Junling (In the high mountains and lofty hills), Qunxian Bizhi (all the persons of virtue have arrived)".

In 2018, Taihecap and Tsinghua University PBC School of Finance launched the “Chongling Program” to position the top entrepreneurs of the new economy. The Program focuses on the macro strategic perspectives and organizational design capabilities of business leaders in the new era. Witnesses to China's major policies were invited to the launch to provide an in-depth interpretation of the main themes of China's politics and economy. The Program aims to systematically address the organizational growing pains of mature companies.

"A high-caliber community with perspectives of the great times" is what makes the "Chongling Program" different. We hope to create an unprecedented gathering place for new economic leaders, and to build our student community into a new economic and business community that has ideals of the biggest social and commercial values and that is the most capable to solve practical problems.

The "Chongling Program " insists on targeted invitation, and our students are leaders of unicorn-level companies in various fields of the new economy, with a long-term vision of creating value and ultimately promoting social progress.

Founder and CEO of BaiCiZhan

Dan Ouyang

I was amazed by the "China's Financial Development Curriculum and Local Financial Management" taught by Mr. Qifan Huang and the "Top Ten Trends in Science and Technology Innovation and Ten Questions about China's Economy" taught by Professor Hongguang Wang. The two teachers explained from the perspectives and visions of policy makers about the evolution of China's financial development and the direction of technological innovation, which are very inspirational for entrepreneurs and provide great guidance about our practice.

President of Huazhu Group, chairman and CEO of CJIA Apartment

Hui Jin

The "Chongling Program " curriculum includes both theoretical research and practical analysis, combining macro trends and real practice. The Program has great professors and well-designed courses. There are many professors who are very senior and close to the decision makers. They have a deeper understanding and analysis of the macro economy and finance with Chinese characteristics. The students are of such high caliber and we have many opportunities to learn from each other.

Founder and CEO of Waterdrop

Peng Shen

The "Chongling Program " is more like a big family, where everyone is connected with each other. Everyone is a benchmark for each other and immersed in their own career. The takeaways from sincere communication with entrepreneurs of the same caliber are much more helpful than that from reading books and gained in other ways.

Founder and CEO of Zuoyebang

Jianbin Hou

The quality and arrangement of the curriculum under the “Chongling Program” were especially unlike those of a first-time business school. I met a lot of people I hadn't thought of before. The caliber of the teachers and the level of student communication are unexpected, changing my view about taking time off from my business to take some classes.

President of CANGO

Xiaojun Zhang

Entrepreneurship is doomed to be a lonely road; entrepreneurs need to have conviction and wisdom. The curriculum of the Program is rich in courses at both the macro and micro levels, and the students’ companies are of similar size and stage. It is easy to find confidants here and have deep communication and resonance.

Co-founder and President of Lixiang Automotive

Yanan Shen

The two teachers, Mr. Qifan Huang and Professor Jiange Li, have set up the course at a very high level. Through sorting out the historical context of reform and opening up, they accurately analyzed many historical details. For executives of fast-growing companies, this view of history helps us better understand and think about our business environment.

Co-founder and COO of Xiaozhu

Liantao Wang

The “Chongling Program” is a business teaching experiment conducted by Taihecap and Tsinghua University PBC School of Finance. Many famous professors and scholars have witnessed and participated in the country’s reform and policy making. My expectations of informing my decision making at the business level with insights into what is happening at the macro level were met, which is also what the “Chongling Program” attracts me most.

Co-founder and president of Kaishu Story

Yifan Zhu

My wish about making more friends when the classes began was fulfilled and exceeded. Everyone has many strengths. Everyone's thinking about the world and interpretation of life have helped and impressed me a great deal. Sometimes, I even think the communication among the classmates is more meaningful than the classes per se.

Founder and CEO of Youzan.com

Ya Bai

Mr. Min Zhu is a very learned teacher with elegant teaching style. In the course of “Global Macroeconomics and Capital Market Landscape”, he interpreted the gap in economic growth, low inflation, aging population, demand preferences, and global leverage ratio and interest rate policies in the context of structural changes in the world economy and finance in an easy-to-understand manner. In Mr. Kangming Deng’s " High-growth Organization and Management  - Reflections on Alibaba", he walked us through the establishment of Alibaba’s HR system and shared with us how Alibaba built organizational capabilities and corporate culture, which helped me revisit Alibaba’s logic and understand the whole system better.

Chairman of Lagou.com

Dandan Xu

Professor Zhishu Yang ‘s lecture about state-run and private economy in “Analysis of China’s Financial Market” threw light on China’s dual-track system and the logic behind economic development. “Intercultural Communication and Leadership”, taught by Professor Kaiping Peng, explains the application of these principles in life and work relationships through insights into and discussions around human nature. It was greatly beneficial for us to enhance our leadership as entrepreneurs, and just being part of the class was a delightful experience in which we got to broaden our horizons while fully enjoying the whole process.

Founder and CEO of Xiaoniangao

Haibo Ru

The "Chongling Program" curriculum has great quality. The students are entrepreneurs and successful company executives who have wonderful ideas and extraordinary achievements. I have benefited a lot from my classmates’ comments and opinions. That’s why I did not miss any class. The teaching by top professors is crucial for companies in the new economy to strategically think about business development, and entrepreneurs must have this awareness and ability.

Founder and CEO of 51zhaoyou.com

Jian lv

I was very impressed by the dual-track system taught by Professor Zhishu Yang, who led us to explore the thinking behind the governance of the country with his relaxed, humorous and entertaining teaching style. Companies of the students under the "Chongling Program " are unicorns in the fields of new economy. The discussions about real practice after class are very experience-based and pragmatic, which helps me gain new knowledge and make some new friends.

Change and new chapter

The "Chongling Program" Phase III officially set sail

"Taihecap Scripture Library " is an exclusive and private communication space for the companies in Taihecap’s circle. We target our clients and screen for the pain points and needs they encounter in business development, invite the core executives and top external brains of the companies in our community, and through the collision of ideas and resource integration among top-tier talents, we hope we can empower the new economic leaders in the future in the three key areas of capital strategy, business strategy, and management practice, and we will strive to be hands-on, practical and effective.